If you are looking for a good reliable sweeper, Trevathan's has a nice selection of Miele, Riccar, Panasonic, and
Oreck sweepers in stock.  The fact that we also carry all of the accessories, belts and bags for these brands, saves our customers time and money.  If you are not sure what type or brand of  sweeper that will fit your cleaning needs, stop in and we will let you test any of our sweepers in stock.  If you can't find a specific style or brand you are looking for, let us know, we will be glad to call our suppliers for availability.  Repair work is done on site and in a timely fashion.  If your sweeper needs new wheels, cords, brushes or just needs to be oiled and cleaned, drop it off.  While you are in our shoppe check out our vast selection of sweeper belts and bags too.  We carry most brand names which makes it convenient for our customers who can't seem to find specific sizes and types.  Also in the remote event we do not have the bag or belt you are looking for, we will get it and stock it just for your convenience and peace of mind.  If you are having difficulty installing a belt or bag on your vaccum, installation is at no charge. Thisis our way of saying thank you for shopping with us.  We offer these and other helpful perks throughout our store.  You will find us helpful, pleasant, and friendly, "The Trevathan's Tradition" since 1948!